How Mercuryo has Built an All-in-One Solution for Fintechs and Web3 Companies

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Mercuryo is striving to bridge the money gap and enable businesses to grow globally by improving their transaction processes with our All-in-One payment solution. 

Mercuryo is striving to bridge the money gap and enable businesses to grow globally by improving their transaction processes with our All-in-One payment solution. 

While Web3 is fighting the mainstream to establish itself as a new paradigm, fintech platforms, bit by bit, are reforming our money managing routine. Unfortunately, all of these businesses, traditional institutions included, are immensely disconnected from each other, affecting the development speed.

A few cogs are needed to make this massive machine of innovation move. Connecting the old-fashioned fiat world with a daring cryptocurrency future is one of the key priorities of companies like Mercuryo.

What’s an All-in-One Solution?

At first, Mercuryo designed on- and off-ramps suitable for clients needing a fiat gateway. Once we launched the fairly-well accepted product, we realised that that’s not the only solution the market could benefit from at the moment.

Later, we came up with a few alternatives, such as Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Crypto-as-a-Service (CaaS) and continued improving the stack further. Along with the new services, the team decided on creating a sole integration method done via our own API.

As of now, BaaS is already available for API integration, allowing merchants to open bank accounts for their users, as well as provide them with on- and off-ramp functionality. The solution includes fiat accounts for DeFi and crypto-related apps focused on buying and selling crypto. In the future, we plan to add other products or functions, depending on our partners’ needs and business models, aiming for a universal offering.

Mercuryo is dedicated to building products that power Web2.5 platforms, equipping them primarily with on-ramps. Integration of cryptocurrency into these new projects is one of the must-needs for switching to the new Internet version. At the end of the day, the work of the entire infrastructure is impossible without seamless payment methods.

Who can Benefit from Mercuryo’s All-in-One Solution?

Financial institutions, crypto exchanges, DeFi projects — you name it; Mercuryo’s All-in-One Solution can refine any business that deals (or plans to deal) with global money transfers.

Our typical customer is a company looking for ways to accelerate transactions and boost customer acquisition by introducing novice cryptopowered payment services.

Think of a decentralised exchange that struggles to attract a new category of customers as it cannot offer credit card checkouts for crypto purchases — this is exactly the type of problem our team can solve.

More B2B Solutions

Apart from on- and off-ramps, Mercuryo’s stack of B2B products also features Crypto Pay in & Pay out, an authorised solution that allows enterprises to accept cryptocurrency payments. A perfect fit for neobanks, e-Com platforms, and marketplaces. The product comes with dedicated support, blockchain monitoring, and volatility risks managed by Mercuryo.

Additionally, our Fiat Pay in & Pay out service unlocks the ability to accept debit and credit card payments for crypto-related projects.

As a part of the bigger picture, Mercuryo handles:


  • – Licensing;
  • – Liquidity;
  • – Chargebacks;
  • – Customer service;
  • – Anti-fraud;
  • – And KYC checks.


Taking care of all the admin work, letting companies focus on what they do best.

Final Thoughts

For over four years, Mercuryo has helped nearly two hundred platforms introduce new financial opportunities to their customers. Since day one, we have been on the mission to reinvent the ease of international business payments by implementing the advantages of cryptocurrency technology.

We’re convinced that the transition period between Web2.5 and Web3 won’t last much longer once the underlying payment infrastructure is in place.

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