How We Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Top-Tier Partners

Alisa Tkach

The ins and outs of our B2B sales.

The ins and outs of our B2B sales.

Like many other complex issues in our lives, a successful sales strategy is based on effective communication. Whether you’re working with individual customers or businesses, the shortest way to success is to build mutually beneficial relationships gradually. Mercuryo sales department is focused on helping companies that lack specific payment methods, and sometimes, the process can take months. The trick is to not let it discourage you. 

We’ve talked with Arthur Firstov, Mercuryo’s Head of Sales, who shared some secrets of the company’s sales kitchen.

The First Rules of Sales: Internal Culture Matters

Before you rush into conquering the brave new world of partnerships, you need to ensure that communication between departments is on point. If the internal mechanism of your company is not adequately set up, no external processes will work smoothly. 

“Sales department has to communicate with all other teams regularly. We get it; everyone has a job to do and not enough free time to spare. At the same time, the development of a healthy internal culture will save a lot of time in the future. Without clients, the product has much less value. Luckily, our teammates understand the importance of cross-departmental collaboration and assist us when necessary”, – says Arthur.

Undoubtedly, none of this could ever be possible if it wasn’t for our highly skilled development team. The marketing department helps sales with partnership-focused social media activities and creates supportive content while designers and illustrators prepare graphic materials. The legal department backs up the team with onboarding new business clients, signing contracts, and other activities that require legal interference. Financiers provide necessary analytics and point out the partnerships that worked out the best, and the business development team is sharing tips, ideas, and experience. Being the company’s foundation, the customer support team assists sales with product and service evaluation and helps determine bugs and issues. Finally, once the potential client becomes a current one, the accounts department is taking over. 

“When your team consists of nearly a hundred members, getting them working together is not a walk in the park”, – points out Arthur. “What makes the workflow easier is the passion of every single Mercuryo employee for changing the world of finance for the better. All of us are very invested in the products we’re creating and ready to do whatever it takes to build a payments ecosystem the market lacks.”

The Second Rule of Sales: Explore Every Avenue

While some consider social media to be the scourge of our times, Mercuryo sales department uses it as one of the main channels to look for new clients. When old-school forums stopped meeting the requirements of the modern crypto enthusiasts, Twitter took the lead: today, every single crypto company uses it for posting daily updates. 

“Ever since the pandemic has locked us online, crypto Twitter became more relevant than ever. And only a few years ago, crypto-related events were the networking goldmine. From my experience, there’s nothing like a real-life connection: it builds trust and accelerates the decision-making process dramatically. Blockchain forums and personal connections can make wonders,” – comments Arthur. 

The personal connection may come in handy, but cold sales are still the basis of everything. We need to make sure the company is reputable before we approach it, as we’re only partnering with reputable firms. Since we’re offering a wide range of payment solutions, almost any well-established blockchain-powered project can benefit from our services. Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, DeFi and dApps, NFT sellers and auctions – you name it, we’re probably already talking to them.

The Third Rule of Sales: Be One Step Ahead

Apart from Mercuryo, a few other companies are working on introducing crypto on- and off-ramps. So why do our clients choose Mercuryo? 

Firstly, when it comes to buying crypto with a credit card, Mercuryo provides the cheapest option. Secondly, our apps and widget feature an eye-catchy design and easy-to-use interface. Besides, since we’ve partnered with one of the best compliance solutions on the market, Mercuryo onboarding procedures are faster and smoother. Finally, we’ve been on the market long enough to earn the trust of some of the most influential companies in the crypto space, like Binance or Trust wallet. And when you have top-tier crypto wallets and exchanges in your partnership portfolio, you can no longer afford to be inflexible. Custom features and specific requests? We’re probably already working on them.

It takes hours of meticulous daily work to gather feedback, fix the issues, and advance the services and products we’re offering. All the improvements are well-thought-out and based on the three main factors: feedback, experience, and market analysis. Our ultimate goal is to take full charge of our partners’ payment routine, so they could use the time and resources they saved to focus on growth. It’s all about dividing big chunks of work into smaller ones and taking baby steps towards satisfying results. 

Our partners know what they’re signing for. In most cases, Mercuryo’s development speed speaks for itself. Venture capital from the globally recognized funds, a rapidly growing network of clients and partners, and new markets alongside a much-needed yet straightforward solution that bridges crypto and fiat put Mercuryo one step ahead of its competitors. 

The Final Rule of Sales: It’s All About Consistency

During the past couple of years, Mercuryo sales and accounts departments have done a massive work of studying the market backward and forward. We learned how to react immediately and adapt our products according to the specific needs of our partners. Without a complete understanding of your partners’ business processes, it is impossible to fill the void in their payment system. To offer the best fitting solution, you need to try walking in your client’s shoes.

Before we make a final offer, we need to do our research, get some insights, discuss them with the whole team, and develop the best way to help the company. For example, if we see that the business has a good chunk of traffic in Africa but lacks a proper payment channel, the goal will be to find a few trending local solutions and come up with a better alternative.

On the surface, it may seem that the team is overwhelmed. How can one growing company possibly handle all those new clients? 

“In reality, we’ve got everything under control. We have a long list of potential partners and systematically getting in touch with them. Aiming to create a healthy communication culture, we do not spam anyone yet do not let them forget about it. We’re patient enough to wait until the partner gives the green light for further cooperation, although sometimes it might take months or even years. Besides, we’re not letting our partners fight their battles alone: they can write us literally at any time of night or day, and we will rush to solve their issues,” – says Arthur.

The Bottom Line

Mercuryo is on the mission to provide custom payment solutions for all the major market players worldwide, which means more products will be introduced in the future. Effective communication, regular yet not too pushy, along with deep expertise, analytics-based decision-making model, clear goals, and healthy ambitions are the key elements of success. 

Being a pioneer is never easy, especially in an industry that is not yet properly regulated anywhere in the world. Mercuryo’s sales team strategy is to take one step at a time and continue the journey.

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