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    • The Next Crypto Narrative
    • Reversible Tokens
    • Base Layer Neutrality
    • Polkadot Roadmap Updates
    • Arthur Hayes on Crypto Winter

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The Next Big Thing in Crypto

Globalization is on hold, and inflation is out of control, making it hard to predict a bull market in the near future. It is much more important to focus on what the market will take away from this cycle and what it will encourage in the future, including DeFi for actual commerce, Web3 commerce and social, next generation DeSci.


Introducing ‘Undo Tokens’

The immutability of blockchain transactions is both a blessing and a curse. But what if there was a reversible token type? Several engineers have developed opt-in token standards that support reverse transactions, calling them ERC-20R and ERC 721R, designed to challenge theft and possibly recovery.

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Base Layer Neutrality

After the US Treasury blocked Tornado Cash addresses, many participants in crypto’s base layer have expressed concern that they could be required to monitor or censor blocks involving blocked addresses to comply with sanctions. These measures can potentially jeopardize the base layer’s neutrality and compromise its integrity and core functionality.

However, some believe that under current OFAC guidance, base layer participants are not required to monitor or censor these addresses as part of a risk-based sanctions compliance program. Read this piece explaining why the sanctions should not work.

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Polkadot Roadmap Updates

In this piece, Polkadot shares its recent developments, incl. asynchronous backing aimed at reducing block time; parathreads – pay-as-you-go parachains; a new governance system that eliminates the technical and council committees and moves every decision in Polkadot to a community referendum, and more.

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Arthur Hayes on Crypto Winter

The co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, discusses ETH centralization, the role of institutions, and the connection between USD liquidity and BTC in regards to recent crypto winter events.



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