How Mercuryo Grew From 0 to Over 1 Million Users in Less Than 3 Years

Alisa Tkach

Explosive growth secret sauce.

Explosive growth secret sauce.

You would think that by the end of 2021, cross-border payments and money transfers should be cheap and easy. However, we’re not quite there yet. 

Mercuryo is a payment infrastructure company that aims to redefine how people and businesses transact with each other and transform every business into a global one. 

It is one of the leading platforms to bridge fiat money and cryptocurrency and design new-gen payment solutions. Today, it counts over 1,4 million users, and the team is confident, the best is yet to come. 


Mercuryo’s journey began in 2018 when the first crypto hype simmered down a little. Five crypto enthusiasts were captivated by the idea of reshaping the way people handle cryptocurrency. As it often happens with startups, especially the blockchain-powered ones, Mercuryo wasn’t taken seriously for a while, although it did attract attention due to the bold, catchy design. 

It turns out, branding does matter.

The team launched a crypto wallet that allowed anyone to buy crypto using a credit or debit card. It was a good call as few projects offered a straightforward and legal way to purchase coins amid the crypto-chaos. 

With the lack of any support team whatsoever, founders were actively involved in processing user flow, diving deeper into the typical customer pains and expectations. Founders’ personal involvement in the everyday routine is hands down one of the fastest ways to gain users’ trust. 

After a while, the market went into recession, and the team went on looking for new development possibilities and came up with a widget. 

The product for crypto businesses in need of an easy sales and purchases tool was also beneficial for web admins. Since the referral fee profits are generally higher than those from banners, the Mercuryo widget quickly proved to be in demand. 

Sometimes, to thrive, all you need is to let others profit from your idea.

Once the team confirmed that the referral model works, they integrated it into their B2C app, proving that validating an idea is more beneficial rather than scaling the entire product. 

That’s when Mercuryo’s viral growth started. 

B2B Growth

After the first 1000, they made 10,000 users in only three months. 

Another lesson learned: startups’ success is often based on two pillars, trust and community. By gaining trust, you grow your community, and after some time, it starts to self-evolve. 

Having consumers’ interests figured out, the team decided it was about time they introduce similar solutions for businesses. 

The company has done its due diligence by talking to crypto and non-crypto platforms and realized that widget has a greater potential. Mercuryo’s sales team got in touch with market leaders and convinced over 200 potential partners that the widget solution would benefit their business in a concise time frame. Another reminder is that direct sales are more efficient than any sales funnel. 

Somewhere along the way, Mercuryo almost became TON Telegram validators. Unfortunately, the project wasn’t meant to be at that time. 

Communication with partners uncovered that they have needs that haven’t been met yet. Mercuryo seized the opportunity and assembled the market’s needs by designing new products that kept existing partners happy and attracted new ones. 

Just like that, Mercuryo decided to focus on the B2B sector while sustaining the initial app and its community. At this point, the wallet became a reference to potential partners on what they can receive.

By mid-2021, the total amount of users who discovered Mercuryo through its partners’ platforms surpassed 1 million. What’s next?

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