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What to Read About Crypto in 2022: The Hidden Gems 

Alisa Tkach

Our favourite sources to DYOR.

Our favourite sources to DYOR.

Crypto enthusiasts read about digital assets daily. If you’ve been following the topic for a while, you probably gathered a hefty list of forums, Telegram channels, subreddits, media outlets, personalities, and other resources to follow. 

But there is more.

Nearly every crypto enthusiast writes about digital assets daily. Think about it. When was the last time you sent a passionate ranting to your friend explaining the beauty of Bitcoin? Crypto folks tend to devotedly tweet about everything, be it unsolicited investment advice or a blockchain game review. Those with extensive practical experience upgrade to creating dedicated opinion or educational posts on Medium or technical forums.

The crypto community was born online and continues to strive in the digital space. Its members communicate with each other primarily by reading and writing, making discreet but often significant contributions. Co-creation driven by self-education is the engine of the blockchain industry.

Reading About Crypto

Apart from a dozen decent books, online courses, and university programs, the biggest cryptocurrency knowledge base can be found online. At first, the amount of information might seem overwhelming, and there’s always a risk of coming across false news. 

Quite a few reputable media sources like Coindesk, Decrypt, or The Block cover the basics, but the internet offers a lot more. I want to save your time googling and recommend a few reading gems that will keep your brain cells working.

Deep Dive: Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

Unless you have a basic understanding of the main blockchain processes, Vitalik’s blog would be a challenging read. On the other hand, if you’ve been following Ethereum’s development and know a thing or two about finance, technology, and economy, his in-depth posts will help you dive a little deeper.

Ethereum’s innovations and upcoming changes are not the only subjects of Vitalik’s interest. He dives into the philosophy and fundamental issues of finance and blockchain, in particular, explains decentralised governance, and shares his ideas on possible solutions. 

Crypto and Business: Not Boring

Created by Packy McCormick Not Boring newsletter covers tech, finance, and other curious topics from the business perspective. The archive of articles is available on the website, and crypto-related events are often on the agenda.

If you can’t get enough of NFTs and other hottest (not only crypto) market trends, this is the right place to learn more about them. Easy-to-read, yet brilliantly insightful, Not Boring that lives up to its name will satisfy your need for high-quality content. 

Exquisite Storytelling: The New Yorker

The New Yorker might not be the first (not even the tenth) media you’ll think of checking for the daily dose of blockchain news. However, they occasionally tell crypto stories and do so in their inherently elegant manner. If you appreciate exquisite storytelling that covers complex 

Metaverse financial system, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Bitcoin’s environmental impact, and even the struggles of crypto regulation are a few topics that can provide you with an insight into The New Yorker’s area of interest. Each story contains a detailed explanation of the terms and intricacies so that even readers with little to no background in crypto will understand the plot.

Investor’s Perspective: Future From a16z

Yet some industry leaders claim VCs aren’t just investing, but trying to steal the power from users.

A well-known venture firm Andreessen Horowitz has recently launched its media property, called Future. It is all about our favourite subjects: DeFi, decentralisation, Web3, Play-to-Earn gaming, and everything else the firm invests in.

The media doesn’t bother kicking about the same news everyone else talks about and keeps it as unique and valuable as possible. Their crypto-related content is sharp, eclectic, and suitable for mainstream audiences curious about trends and innovations.

All in One: Explained by Mercuryo

Those of you who prefer to take shortcuts would appreciate the all-in-one approach. Explained by Mercuryo spares you from the necessity to browse the web searching for high-quality crypto content. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and we’ll deliver a selection of the most insightful articles and blog posts right to your inbox.

Summing It Up

Reading about crypto is only one side of the coin – it helps accumulate knowledge. Writing about crypto, in turn, allows you to reflect on what you’ve learned and systemise your findings. On top of that, a few social media posts per week are likely to attract like-minded people and grow your social circle. The crypto community needs more well-rounded members who think beyond Bitcoin price.

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