Women in Tech: The Change Is Coming

Alisa Tkach

Mercuryo’s Business Developer Nodira Sadikova shares her insights on rocking the tech space.

Mercuryo’s Business Developer Nodira Sadikova shares her insights on rocking the tech space.

Surprisingly, in 2021, the gender gap in the tech field is still on the agenda. In the startup-driven fintech space, women account for 30% of employees and less than 5% of founders. The revolutionary industry meant to transform a conservative financial system is still dominated by men.

However, change won’t come overnight, and more women are joining the fintech forces. Various statistics show the molds are breaking, and women are getting more interested in tech, fintech, and crypto in particular, not only as builders but also as investors. 

In fact, women have even better chances to succeed in the fintech field. Companies are striving for diversity and ready to offer attractive benefits to get more women on board. As time goes by, stereotypes are receding into the past, and so are the gender-based barriers for career development. Moreover, various studies showed that companies and countries led by women are generally more prosperous. Probably, this has something to do with a high level of empathy and soft skills that play a key role in establishing long-lasting business relationships.

One of Mercuryo’s business developers, Nodira Sadikova, has shared her insights on how women can rock the tech space, overcome obstacles, and reach professional goals while remaining true to themselves.

BizDev As a Lifestyle: Nodira Sadikova’s Story

Nodira was born in Uzbekistan and got her Master’s degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Wales. Initially, she started building her career in finance, and in 2014 when fintech projects began gaining momentum, Nodira found herself promoting a digital banking startup. That’s when she caught the startupper’s bug and has been actively engaged in the field ever since. 

Business development comes naturally for Nodira: from networking to negotiations, she genuinely enjoys every single part of the process. As opposed to the modern, relatively soft sales concept, Nodira prefers aggressive techniques. And practice shows that it does work. “I cannot speak for all women, but as I see it, being confident and visible is extremely important not only in fintech but any other industry. When I start working on a project, I make sure everybody hears me out. Sometimes it scares people, but in most cases, it plays out in my favor. In a highly competitive environment, there’s no time for feeling hesitant or insecure. So if you can distance yourself from what others think (or you think they think) of you, it’s already half the battle,” – says Nodira. 

When choosing between project management and business development, Nodira always opts for the latter as it means setting bigger goals and lack of strict deadlines. She also prefers to work with startups and considered them as a perfect training ground for developing career skills.  “I love the fact that the fintech industry offers you so many opportunities,” – notes Nadira. “Startups usually encourage you to try yourself in different areas, so, after a couple of years of doing a little bit of everything, you will know exactly what you’re good at.” 

Mercuryo team members know it firsthand. It doesn’t matter what proficiency level you start with. As long as you’re passionate about your job and willing to grow, it won’t be long before you get promoted to a management position. Imagine the scale of personal and professional development at a company that grows by hundreds percents a year. 

In 2019, Nodira took part in an acceleration program led by OSCE: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and, as a result, founded a social project, “Women in Tech.” The initiative is meant to empower women to follow their ideas in Innovative Tech and set them in motion. The project aims to inspire a new generation of female leaders with different backgrounds strongly inclined to change the tech industry. 

When asked about what advice she could give to women in the fintech space, Nodira has a lot to comment on. “Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that gender stereotypes are even slightly relevant in the professional environment. Motivation to succeed is no different for women and men as long as they are enthusiastic enough. If you work for a startup, be ready for any kinds of challenges and evaluate the risks from the beginning. Set your boundaries on day one and stick to them. And please, don’t tolerate everything – if you’re struggling to make your ends meet, ask for a raise. Speak your mind, stay confident, and keep doing what feels right.”

Mercuryo: The Place To Be For Women in Tech

Nodira joined Mercuryo in 2020 as a business developer. Right from the start, she got into the team spirit and saw the potential of the payment infrastructure company. “I’ve got good intuition on such things,” – she says. “After all, intuition is one of woman’s many superpowers. Besides, I’ve worked with so many startups at this point that I can quickly figure out which ones will do well in the long run.”

Apart from becoming an integral part of an energetic and inclusive team, when joining Mercuryo, you will get a bunch of benefits, alluring prospects, and freedom. A competitive paycheck is only a part of Mercuryo’s reward program. Every employee receives a fixed amount of benefit point, which can be redeemed to pay for education, sports, travel, and other things depending on your personal preferences. Mercuryo also offers extended medical insurance and free English classes for non-native speakers. We’ve already opened offices in three important tech hubs – London, Tallinn, and Moscow – and planning on further expansion. For employees, entering new global markets means higher potential and even grants an opportunity to work from another office in a different part of the world. 

Working at a startup might come with a risk, but Mercuryo is already past that stage. We’re rapidly expanding globally and believe that openness and diversity help us move forward at an incredible pace. Our philosophy is to respect every teammate, regardless of their gender, age, or race, so that they feel confident enough to push their ideas and grow as an expert.

Tempted to join Mercuryo team? Right now, we’re looking for PR to join our London office, and about 10 remote positions are to be filled.

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