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The Importance of Sports and Wellness for Work-Life Balance

Alisa Tkach

How Mercuryo is tackling the growing challenge of excessive stress in the workplace

How Mercuryo is tackling the growing challenge of excessive stress in the workplace

Work-life balance is an integral component of a healthy work environment. The pressures of working, especially in fast-paced, rapidly growing companies, invariably causes stress. Indeed, chronic stress is considered one of the most common health issues in the working world, and its impact cannot be ignored. Chronic stress may give rise to burnout if improperly managed, and with it a host of physiological conditions – lowering productivity, and, more importantly, negatively impacting the health of team members to a significant degree.

Mercuryo understands that maintaining a healthy balance between work and life is critical to ensuring the wellness of the team, as well as cultivating a healthy and productive workplace steeped in positivity. 

Additionally, work-life initiatives are important in team building, as they provide an opportunity for colleagues to interact socially beyond the confines of work to achieve shared common goals. This cohesion is vital in raising team morale and bolsters a sense of inclusion in the workplace, and is especially challenging in remote-first workplaces with decentralised teams.

Sports-based wellness initiatives have become a crucial aspect of team building, as they provide an opportunity for teams to challenge themselves to improve their physical health in a fun and united way. Further, physical exercise has been recognised as one of the best means of reducing stress overall. 

Mercuryo’s focus on employee health and wellness

Mercuryo is committed to providing a space for employees to thrive in all aspects of their life. Beyond offering a stipend for hobbies and personal development, the team has weekly meetups, both remotely and in person, offering employees opportunities to interact, learn together, and share their passions. 

The recently completed Mercuryo Sports Challenge is yet another facet aimed at bolstering a healthy work-life balance. 

Mercuryo Project Manager Nadezhda Abasheva, one of the challenge winners, outlines what the challenge entailed:

“Every day it was necessary to:

– to walk at least 10 thousand steps

– do a workout (yoga, dancing, running)

– organise colleagues for group training.

Points were awarded for each type of activity. In addition, videos and photos from training sessions or just chats were welcomed. For this activity in the chat, the participant who scored more “likes” was awarded additional points.”

Sports Challenge (1)

Nadezhda affirms the idea that sports can have a positive impact on mental health, explaining, “At first it may be difficult, but when you get involved, you feel the release of endorphins! You’re happy! You feel at ease and ready for new achievements.” She continues, considering the benefits of sport for work-life balance: 

“I think sports can become an integral part of your life. The main thing is to love them and make them a part of your hobbies.

In this case, sports can help to build a balance in your life and also help to relax.”

Beyond growing more comfortable and skilled with specific sports, Nadezhda also noted a wealth of other benefits that translate to other areas of life. “Depending on what kind of sports you do in that area, your skills develop. In my example, these are: the development of coordination, the development of endurance and the growth of fortitude! I sincerely admire sports people, as it is not easy, but fascinating!”

Sports Challenge (2)

Initiatives such as the sports challenge are vital in growing a successful team by motivating peers to better themselves through collective efforts. As Mercuryo continues to grow and innovate, these are important activities that will continue to help cultivate a climate of healthy, holistic balance and a sense of broader inclusion in the company.

Introducing Wellcuryo

Mercuryo’s recently launched Wellcuryo program serves as a basis for just that – improving the holistic health of team members with initiatives covering physical, emotional, social, career, and community goals. These efforts include CSR activities like charity drives, motivational meetups and webinars, and a host of challenges promoting environmentally conscious living, in addition to regular sporting challenges. Coupled with regular bonuses and incentives, Mercuryo is evidently committed to help employees realise their best selves. 

As Mercuryo’s team continues to expand rapidly, so too will the scope and diversity of Wellcuryo initiatives, reflecting the rich diversity and collaborative nature that underpins our dynamic company culture.

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